TaoTronics oil diffuser TT-AD004 shallow

TaoTronics oil diffuser TT-AD004 shallow


Jan Suša
24 months

MPC: MPC: €32.70

MPC z DDV: Z ddv: €39.89

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Product description

TaoTronics Oil Diffuser

The oil diffuser is suitable for use at home, in offices and meeting rooms. It has a modern design and is extremely efficient and quiet, so you can use it day and night. It is convenient and small and allows up to 14 hours of operation. It is equipped with colorful LED lighting and a timer.

Technical specifications:
  • Model: TT-AD004
  • Voltage: DC 24
  • Power: 13W max
  • Water tank capacity: 400 ml
  • Working hours: max 14 hours
  • Max humidity increase: from 30 ~ 70 ml
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4 MHz

Manufacturer's Website: https://www.taotronics.com/TaoTronics-tt-ad004-essential-oil-diffuser.html

Technical Information

Tip vlažilca zrakaDifuzor

Logistical Information

Weight 0,70 kg
Height 16,80 cm
Width 16,80 cm
Depth 14,80 cm