MILL panel convection radiator 800W gray glass low profile MB800L DN G
MILL panel convection radiator 800W gray glass low profile MB800L DN G

MILL panel convection radiator 800W gray glass low profile MB800L DN G


Jan Suša
24 months

MPC: MPC: €77.79

MPC z DDV: Z ddv: €94.90

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Product description

"Heating with style"

Mill panel heater 800w gray glass

  • Aluminum heating element - high efficiency and low temperature on the front surface
  • 100% quiet operation
  • Precise thermostat - digitally registered
  • Easy to use On / Off
  • Temperature calibration function
  • Elegant design with glass fronts
  • Electronic thermostat (+/- temperature)
Technical specifications:
  • Power: 800w
  • Thermostat: Electronic, day / night program
  • Material heating element: Aluminum
  • Frame material: glass
  • Color: Mill gray
  • Cable: White, 130cm
  • Cable orientation output: Right side
  • IP classification: IPX4 (approved for bathroom use)
  • Product size: (106.5 x 7.8 x 25.0 cm)
  • Recommended room size: 10-14 m2

Buying instructions:

Room size
You will need to measure the size of the room, ie. floor area in square meters and ceiling height before deciding which model you need. If the space is too large, you may need more heaters to distribute the heat evenly between each source. In mild climates, use approx. 60-70 watts per square meter for calculation purposes and 70-85 watts per square meter for colder climates.

A well-insulated house?
The age and insulation of your home will also affect your heating needs. Less watts per square meter are needed for newer homes and homes with a heat input, while older and less well-insulated homes will need relatively more watts per square meter.

Avoid the thermal bridge
Although modern windows are impermeable, they are usually not insulated as well as walls. The air in them will cool quickly and sink towards the ground. This is called a thermal bridge, and can be avoided by installing a suitable radiator under each window.

Go for more watts than you need
Once you figure out how many watts you need, avoid buying a heater that just fits your needs. Buy such a product that gives you a little extra capacity so you don’t have to work at full power. The surface temperature of the heater will therefore be suitably lower.

Technical Information

Material (toasterji, grelnik vode, radiator)steklo
Moč v W80000W
Tip radiatorjaKonvekcijski
Barva radiatorjaSiva

Logistical Information

Weight 7,20 kg
Height 30,40 cm
Width 113 cm
Depth 10,90 cm